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BeamApp for your iPhone

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Let Your iPhone Dance!

Receive directions, songs, or websites with your iPhone and automatically open the proper app. From your phone, push an action onto another device. Dialing? Sure! With BeamApp your iPhone will dial whenever you beam a phone number.

BeamApp for your Mac

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Approved, at last :)

Instantly share or receive an open browser window. Continue a song you enjoyed on the go. Make your smartphone dial that number from the email. Or, let an address from your clipboard become directions on your smartphone.

As of August, 31st 2014 BeamApp has closed its service.
With continuity iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite any Apple user will have similar features with the built-in continuity.

Stop Sending Emails to Yourself

Forget about emails you send to yourself just to get a phone number, an address or a hyperlink onto another device. BeamApp analyzes your clipboard, your active application or background tasks on your desktop and opens the right apps on your other gadgets. It connects your technology so you can instantly continue your ongoing action on the device that suits best.

Plan Routes on Your Desktop

BeamApp pushes your carefully planned route from the desktop browser to your smartphone's navigation software. No matter if your starting point is Google Maps, an address in your clipboard or selected text from an email footer, BeamApp will instantly present directions on the device of your choice.

Keep Your Music with You

BeamApp transfers your current playback position, song and playlist onto your smartphone and back. When leaving your desktop it's just one click to continue your current song on the go. And when you finally arrive, push it back to experience your music on the heavy speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Beam?

At the moment, you can beam locations and directions from Google Maps or any address from your clipboard, music from iTunes, web pages, and phone numbers.

We will increase the number of services we integrate with and are working on some other great things you can beam.

Does It Run on Android?

Not yet, but we are working on it. And you know what? It will integrate even better on droids!

What About the iPad?

To launch faster, we decided to postpone the iPad version. BeamApp on iOS will become a universal app and will support both the iPhone and iPad.

Why Do I Need an App?

For technical reasons, BeamApp needs to be a "real" app. Only this way, it even receives beams when it's not active or can be integrated with other apps like the music player.

Beams to the iPhone are Slow.

You are right. When BeamApp sits in the background for more than 10 minutes it falls back to push notifications... and those can take their time to find their way. This is a limitation on iOS to save your battery time and there's no way to disable this.

If you want to speed things up, tap the BeamApp icon to bring the app into the foreground, again.